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A few pics.

Posted Apr 23 2009 5:26pm

Addison is doing great - growing like a weed and starting to be much more alert. She stares at us now, checking us out, and giving us funny little faces. The smiles should start in the next couple of weeks and I can't wait - seeing her smile will just be the best.

No real time to write anything today so it will just have to be a post of pictures. You will notice she's sleeping in 3 of the 4 photos - don't be fooled. This kid doesn't sleep all that much, but it seems that's the only time I can get a non-squirmy photo.

I will find a moment tomorrow when she's in her sling and sleeping to write something longer. And because I haven't said it in a while, thanks for all the great comments. I read every comment and appreciate you guys taking the time to leave a thought or two - being a little housebound means I really rely on my computer to keep me feeling connected. I love my computer!

Hope everyone is having a great Monday : )
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