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A Day Trip (Part I of III)

Posted Sep 03 2012 5:15am
I love this picture. Look at Sidge studying the map with his hands on his hips. Man he reminds me of his Daddy here.

Abigail has really been warming up to Grampa and Grama, but she is still sticking close to Grampa when Daddy and Mommy aren't around. Here she is feeding ducks with Grampa. (She actually tried to throw bread in and nearly made it in the water a few times. She continues to amaze us by how much she undderstands her world. She didn't try to eat the food one time. It was as if she instantly got the reason we were there.)

Here I am throwing the first few pieces of bread in the water to lure the dozens of ducks to our site. Isaac had no interest in feeding, but Sidge got quite into it.

While Sidge and I fed ducks, Isaac played hide and seek with Grama. He has REALLY warmed up to the grandpaernts this visit. We have really seen him come out of his shy shell during the last year of his life, and he now will easily choose the grandparents on an even playing field with Dad and Mom.
What amazes me about this tiny island is how different the landscape can be within just a few miles. Truly, this part of the island feels exactly like the pacific northwest. Rainy. Big trees. Sun blockage. It's breathtaking. Truly.

These views show how different the landscape is from our home on the water.

Sidge and I making the day of a few ducks. Am I the only one who deals with guilt when I feed ducks? There are always a few who dominate the feeding! Oh and we had to laugh at the one lone rooster who approached us on land to get in on the goods.

Look at the grass and moss on this stone table! This view reminds me of what Narnia might look like after the winter ends.

So amazingly beautiful. Isn't God an incredible artist?
 Probably one of my favorite picutres of Isaac ... ever. Taken by Grama. He often edits his smiles -- holding back his laughter as if it is a bad thing. When he genuinely lets it out, our hearts just melt.

Abigail taking a walk (and many falls) on the red clay.

Stay tuned for pictures from the second half of our trip in another post!
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