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A Day in the Life of a 6 week old

Posted Jan 22 2009 6:22pm
Bo with a bow on his head. :)
Our Family on Christmas Eve.
Bo discovers a blue monkey.(Thanks for the outfit Michelle!)
Bo's first snow.
Bo on Daddy's chest after a bath.

Bo holds a rattle for the first time.

Bo is settling into a good routine. I knew before I started establishing it what my days would look like when I went back to work (I go back tomorrow. :( Those were the fastest six weeks of my life!) so I wanted to be sure to account for that and most days it goes really well. I have read both Baby Wise and Secrets of the Baby Whisper (Thanks to those of you who recommended those!!) and they have helped a lot to establish Bo's 3 hour routine.

Bo's day:

7:30 Bo wakes up ready to eat. I have no idea how he does this but it really is like clockwork. I thought it was the buses going by outside when school was still in session but even over break he has gotten up at that time.
7:30-8 Diaper change. Bo eats.

8-9 Bo sits propped up on his Boppy in my bathroom while I take a shower and get ready, make the bed, get laundry together, and clean/straighten upstairs.
9 Bo goes into his bouncy chair for a nap. I go downstairs to pump.
10:30 Bo wakes up.

10:30-11 Diaper change. Bo eats.
11 Head to Mom's and Bo plays with her for a little while then takes a nap in his swing over there. (I'll go to work. I am required to be at work from 12-1:30 but anyone who knows a teacher or who has ever taught knows it takes a lot more time than the hours you are "on the clock". And since this is yearbook there are always pages to edit, money to deposit, etc. I am hoping to be there from 11-2 most days... We will see how this goes.)
1:30 Bo wakes up.

1:30-2 Diaper change. Bo eats. If I am not back at 1:30 (which most days I probably won't be) Mom will feed Bo the milk I pumped that morning. I have also given her a freezer stash to keep at her house.
2 Come home. Give Bo some tummy time and some time to play on the floor. Today we are listening to nursery rhyme songs while he is on the floor and I am typing this.

3 Bo naps. I still haven't started putting him in his crib for this nap yet but I intend to soon. Currently he takes this nap in his bouncy chair.

4:30 Bo wakes up.
4:30-5 Diaper change. Bo eats.

5 Bo goes in swing, back on the floor, or in the bouncy while I work on the main floor -- usually on dinner and/or straightening the kitchen.

6 Bo takes another nap on the main floor. (This is usually the time of day when he is the most cranky and sometimes this nap does not happen at all. Other days he will go to sleep at this point and not want to get back up for the other evening activities.)
7 Bo wakes up and eats a little bit. Then we give him a bath or a sponge bath. Mike warms his bottle and takes him upstairs and puts him in his sleepsack.
8 Bo takes a bottle of breast milk from Mike and listens to classical music. He is usually is asleep in his crib by 8:30.
9 I pump. This milk is used for the next nights feeding. Any extra is frozen.
10 Mike and I go to bed.
2-3 Usually between 2 and 3 Bo wakes up for his night time diaper change and feeding. Usually I can be back to bed in about 30 minutes and he usually goes right back down. We only really have trouble if he has the hiccups.
He really does not have much trouble at night and for that I am VERY thankful. I do not know how the Mom's whose little ones are up every few hours at night do it. I think Bo knows I just couldn't handle it.
Granted, every day is a bit different. And some days I have errands to do or other places to go and that changes his schedule some. And sometimes he wakes up early from his naps. And some days he is just cranky. But for the most part I have been blessed with a good baby who eats and sleeps well. My life is definitely different than it was but I am still managing to do everything that needs to be done and my house isn't falling in, my laundry isn't overflowing, and we manage to eat every day! I really do think that establishing a routine helps with a lot of that!
Now, I really should be writing thank you notes -- but sometimes blogging just seems like more fun... :)
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