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A bit past nap time

Posted Apr 11 2010 6:43pm

Pictures take too long to load at Eddie's house but I did manage this one. How cute is our little guy, asleep on Daddy, and being shaded from the sun by Daddy's hat. Elijah fell asleep on the safari the first time we rode it in my lap. He transferred to the stroller nicely. The second time we rode the safari, Isaac got very crabby. If JB told him to look one direction, he'd immediately look the other. Five minutes later he was asleep on JB. Knowing he wouldn't transfer as easily, JB chose to carry him back to the van -- which was a bit hot considering we had trouble remembering where "Unicorn" was even though we remembered we parked there. I managed to snap this photo on the way back to the car. A memory I hope to never forget. Trust me folks. When you have a moment like this, you won't care or think about whether this is your adopted or biological child. JB is just carrying his boy. Blood really isn't thicker than water. Really. What a cool kid Isaac is. How lucky we are to be his Dad and Mom.
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