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a baby buncher's best friend: the drive-thru

Posted Apr 30 2009 1:38pm

Pre Baby Bunching, I used to look at drive thrus and wonder who was so lazy that they couldn't actually get out of the car and walk their happy butts inside the restaurant to get a hamburger.  Now I know who - Baby Bunchers.

As you all know, there is no popping in to do a "quick" errand with your Bunch in tow.  It's a minimum of 10-15 minutes spent assembling the stroller, unbuckling people from car seat harnesses and re-buckling them into stroller harnesses, and then figuring out how to attach your purse, bag of items to be returned, reusable grocery bags, etc. so that you have two hands free to steer your monstrous stroller through the door without mowing down a fellow patron.  And that's before you even get into the store - then you gotta listen to your Bunch yammer throughout the errand and then reverse the whole cycle on the way out.  It's enough to make anyone want to shop exclusively on  And with three children in five years, it pretty much put me on an errand hiatus.

Somewhere along the line, I realized that the logical solution to this problem is to frequent establishments with drive thrus.  I am embarrassed to admit that there are two business that I use pretty much ONLY because they have drive thrus - one of them is even over-priced and takes forever to serve me, but darned if it isn't a drive thru that serves something besides hamburgers.  I'm convinced that if more businesses discovered the wonders of the drive thru, they'd have a built-in market in Baby Bunchers!

Thanks to my aggressive ability to scope out drive thrus, my errand running capacity has slowly expanded and I am now able to do the following:

  • send my kids to school (I love you, carpool line!)
  • drop off and pick up dry cleaning
  • get a newspaper (because you can get them at Starbucks)
  • bank - even after hours because i recently discovered the ATM deposit!
  • eat Chick-Fil-A 100 times a week because it is one of the few fast food places that has a drive thru and doesn't repulse me
  • eat BBQ once in awhile because the sit-down BBQ joint down the street put in a drive thru
  • pick up prescriptions at the pharmacy
  • drop off Goodwill donations
  • conduct any business transactions that involve my church, since I can pull up into the covered entrance and ring the doorbell for the receptionist

I'm well aware that many major restaurant chains now have curbside service, but somehow I am so used to having those establishments be off-limits because my Bunch acts like farm animals at a zoo in restaurants that I never seem to use them.

Now here's a list of places that I WISH had drive thrus:

  • Number one is far and away the grocery store.  I miss you, Webvan.
  • The post office.  Mine actually does have a drive thru.  For stamps only.  From 11 am to 11:15 am.  On weekdays only.  When it's not closed for construction.  Because God forbid the US Postal Service offer customer service.
  • A returns-only drive thru at TJ Maxx and Old Navy
  • Home Depot
  • And most importantly, the liquor store.
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