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#90. Go to a flea market.

Posted Dec 07 2009 7:04am
90. Go to a flea market.

The husband and I visited Rice's Flea Market on our trip to New Hope, PA for Christmas shopping. Apparently, flea markets in PA get going a little later than they do in NJ. Around here, cars are lined up on major highways trying to get in an hour before flea markets open. Also, December in PA is a lot more cold than December in NJ. Must have something to do with proximity to the ocean (or something). Whatever the reason, I was freezing.

All items at the flea market were brand new which was surprising. I think they may have "fell off a truck." Or maybe that's a Jersey thing too.

We got Jocelyn a hairbrush (sounds crappy but she loved them)
We found 2 necklaces for Kaylee
The husband found 2 books (which was a shock)
Lorelei and I, we got nothing.

We also stopped at Peddler's Village. After being at the flea market, there was a large amount of sticker shock. I'm kicking myself for not picking up some cashmere scarves. They were $5 or 5 for $20 at the flea market. At Peddler's Village, the same scarves were $200 each. Seriously kicking myself.

We got Jocelyn a tutu, a hat and gloves and a bracelet (that has since disappeared)

On the way home, we stopped at the Jackson Outlets.

We got Kaylee the new Rubik's Cube and a 3D puzzle of Earth
We got Jocelyn a Dora backpack and a dog that flips
We got Lorelei a penguin that walks around

Somehow I am the only person who didn't get anything throughout our travels. Unless you count coffee. I drank lots and lots of coffee.
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