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“This is what 7.3 million looks like.”

Posted Apr 05 2013 8:00am

Infertility affects as many as 7.3 million people in the United States alone. But what does that actually look like?

Well to start, that’s slightly less than the . That’s slightly more than the entire population of . Or, another way to look at it: it’s the combined populations of entire nations like Moldova and Lithuania.

In the United States , 7.3 million people is just slightly less than the state of Virginia and just a smidgen over the state of Washington. It’s like two whole Puerto Ricos put together.

We could fill an area as small as 426 square miles (the city of Hong Kong) or as big as 71,300 square miles (Washington state).

To put it plainly, 7.3 million people is a lot of people.

At first, it’s easy to see just how massive 7.3 million people can be. We could fill whole cities, states and countries with our numbers. And then, like any statistic, it’s easy to start glazing over the population, to start seeing these groups of people as just a number.

The truth is, 7.3 million people is just too many people.

7.3 million matters because we matter, because our stories and journeys and hopes and fears and dreams of becoming parents matters.

That’s why, in order for our numbers as a community to ever be effective, in terms of advocacy, insurance coverage, media portrayals and general social acceptance and understanding – we can’t rely on our numbers alone. We need to be more than just a number.

We need to show people what 7.3 million people really looks like.

7.3 million looks like your neighbors, your sisters, your co-workers, your spouses, your friends.

7.3 million looks back at you in the mirror every morning, when you wonder if this month will finally be the month.

7.3 million people could look like this:

I am what infertility looks like

I am what infertility looks like

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