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Posted Aug 23 2011 12:00am
Yesterday, in my daily devotional reading, the author was talking about promises. Have you ever been disappointed by someone who had promised you something?
A lot of us have claimed promises from God and wonder from time to time if he has forgotten about us and begin to feel abandoned and disillusioned. We do not understand many times how God works, but from my experience with waiting on him, I have surmised that that he makes us wait so that we can come to a place of total dependence on him, when our efforts to take matters into our own hands fail, because we do try and  they always somehow does not work out. I believe this wait is part of his divine preparation process for us as well, to be mature spiritually and otherwise to receive these promises.
The author went on to focus on Abraham and Sarah, most of us know that they were not able to have children and Abraham had been promised by God that he would make him the father of many nations. Well, that promise took a very long while, 25 years to be exact (Gen. 21 v 5).I too had claimed God’s promise to make me a mother and my wait took over a decade. Did I wait patiently on God’s promise? Quite the contrary. I was conflicted within, became even angry at God at times and even attempted to take matters in my own hand by exploring Invitro Fertilization (IVF) and adoption. (Gen.15 v 2) accounts that Abraham did not wait patiently either, he questioned God about his childlessness and even went as far as fathering a child through one of Sarah’s handmaiden (16 v 15).Is any of you currently in the position myself or Abraham and Sarah was in. Well, we are proof that God does fulfil his promises. You might be in the waiting process and is conflicted, disillusioned and growing impatient, take heart and be encouraged by our stories.

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