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“Party over here…….”

Posted Jun 24 2013 12:00am

A week ago, our second miracle baby turned 6 and so last Saturday we decided to throw him the best party that our modest budget could afford, after all a miracle baby deserves nothing but the best. His last five birthdays were low keyed celebrations and so we thought that this timing was right because at least he was at the age that he could appreciate a birthday party of this nature.
We decided on this party a little over a month ago and so we did our best to keep it a secret until we started giving out the invitations. About two weeks before the party, our daughter gave our secret away by interfering with my diary where the birthday party list was kept. We had no choice but to tell him about the party. He was excited and after asking on a couple occasions to see his party list, things calmed down and we continue planning the party wondering why he did not seem the least bit interested in finding out more. We were relieved though because at least we could go ahead with the plans without his interference. I remember one morning actually having to remind him about his party and all he said to me was, ‘don’t forget the loot bags!!!!’
I know we were being set up, somehow I felt it and low and behold, two days before the party, all hell broke loose. I have never heard my husband shouted at him so much before - "calm down, sit down, don't touch that, alright, party cancelled!!!!"  He was so excited he could not contain himself. The Friday before the party, he declared he wanted a break from school as he was tired of going. Why do you suppose? He was having a severe case of party fever.
The party was great and they all had fun. My husband and I spared no energy as we hustled and bustled about trying to make sure that everything went well. Even as my body felt numb and shocked by all that I had to do, I remember thinking, is this is really me, planning a party for my six year old, when not so long ago, well, over 6 years now, Infertility had me wondering if I would ever be in this position.
God is truly faithful and I once again thank him from the bottom of my heart.

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