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7 days late. Pink and brown spotting. On Yaz

Posted by cheshireheir

Hello. I was suposed to get my period wednesday. Had no period symptoms. Finally saturday i got a pea size of brown spotting. But that was it. Sunday morning i had very light pink when i whiped. Now it is Tuesday. I am on yas though. i was off with my bc last month, which makes me think that it could have caused me to ovulate. I dont want to take a hpt yet because i heard that they arent very acurate unless your about 5 weeks along. Any ideas on what i should do? i dont have the money to buy alot of pregnancy tests either.
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HPT's these days are extremely accurate- detecting a pregnancy as early as five days before a missed period.


You only have to buy one/ maybe a two pack as a back up

well its been about a week and a half. Still havent had my period. I have taken two hpts and theyre both negative. I have pms symptoms, cramping nausea . I dont know what to do
Did you start your pack this cycle on time?  You said you were off in taking you BC... how off  were you?
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