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5am... wide awake over here!

Posted Mar 09 2010 11:43am
Early meeting, you ask? Headed to the gym? 1st ultrasound appointment of the day? Nope! Lupron! Slept about 3 hours yesterday. Today? Finally fell asleep sometime after midnight (after about 3 hours in bed) and woke up at 2:30am and then 4:45am, thinking about how badly I wanted a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Unfortunately, we don't have any bread, so I had some peanut butter and jelly on crackers. Watching Jon Stewart and wondering how little sleep I can function on over the next 2 weeks.

Surgery went well Thursday. The verdict? A polyp growing from some type of scar tissue/remaining "products of conception" - who came up with this term? So, everything looked like a polyp on the ultrasound but in reality the majority of it actually was the tissue.

I went yesterday for my baseline ultrasound and everything looks fine. I met with the embryologist and he said that they've done 10 FETs this year and 9 resulted in pregnancy! I'm digging those odds; although, my brain immediately figured those stats have to start heading back to the median and I'm sure that I'll be helping that happen. I start estrogen patches this morning and I don't go back until March 20th.

I wrote a note for the MD who did my surgery (he also did my D&C after the last miscarriage). He handles everything except the IVF cycles. I just wanted him to know that he's helped make a very difficult journey a bit more managable. I got back to work and about 20 minutes later I see the clinic's number on my caller ID, immediately followed by a sinking stomach. However, it was the secretary saying the MD wanted to talk to me. He was so surprised by my note and said he couldn't wait to call me and let me know how much it meant to him. It was great hearing from him and it made me chuckle about that etiquette question - do you send a thank you for a thank you? When does it stop? :) In all seriousness, it was great to know that I had made him feel good and reminded me that sometimes the simplest acts have the best impact.

Okay, off to stare at the ceiling for another hour then off to work!
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