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52 Goals – worked on 18. 1 great birth one. :)

Posted Feb 06 2011 9:19pm
  1. Pray and read scriptures as a family every day.  – Happened 4 days!
  2. Family Home Evening (family night/planning and game) Every Week. Yes.  I made sure we did it BEFORE the Super Bowl.  We don’t even watch football, but we watch the Super Bowl in fast motion – we DVR it and fast forward quite a bit.
  3. Eat as a Family 3 times a week.  – 2 times this week.
  4. Be on time to church each week – Barely made it on time this week.
  5. Study Scriptures Daily – Listening or reading every day.  Still not “studying”
  6. Pray Daily – yes
  7. walk 4 times a week – 1  time
  8. Cook healthy homemade meals 3 times a week – 1 time, crazy week.

Why I love to do this post!

  1. Make a Weekly Meal Plan – YES, this is why I post my goals every week, I hadn’t done it, but went and did it so I could say I did!
  2. Keep the Kitchen Table CLEAN! – Hmm, not really – but getting better.
  3. Go on 3 dates a month – Feb – 0.
  4. Go on a Hike Each Month – Not yet.  Could have gone on Sunday, it was a beautiful day. But Rob’s back hurt and T2 had a migrane.
  5. Be active participant in my 3 book clubs (4th on months only when it is feasible) – I read Endurance and it was a great discussion.  I have read the other 2 books already last year.
  6. Loose 15 pounds – Using Weight Release Program – Made a break through on my chocolate addiction.  I usually say “ I can’t help but eat chocolate if it is in the house.”  Well, I am trying to change this.  Now I say “Even though I usually want to eat chocolate all day long, I choose to surprise myself by being in control and only eat a small amount of chocolate every day.”
  7. Help Thing 2 earn his Webelo and Arrow of Light – Earned his Webelo on Thursday.
  8. Read 24 books and review them on Good Reads.  Added about 6 to my To Read pile.
  9. Take the pictures down from my 40th party – DONE
  10. Not one of my original goalsbut I went to a Spinning Babies Conference on Friday, to increase my doulaing skills.  :) It was great.  I will write a full review soon.
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