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5 wks 4 days pregant and bleeding

Posted by TheresaW121

I am pregant for the 3rd time. I have a 10 yr old son who is healthy, except for ADHD. Not too many complications during his pregnancy- found out with him about 7 weeks and not completely sure but I think I did bleed a lil in ealry preg before I fould out. I got pregnant 2 1/2 yrs ago and lost the baby around 5 weeks, but didnt miscarry til about week 8. Doctor said this is due to a blighted ovam.

Im pregnant again. I found out about a week and a half ago. My first hcg level was 30; last week it was 798. My cycles are only 25 days and I did catch the preg very early. About 2 hours after I left the doctors office that day I started with some light bleeding, red and brown and minimal cramping by my left ovary(this ovary usually hurts when I ovulate as well). This continued off and on for 4 days. On the 4th day, yesterday in the evening, it started getting heavier, some very smal specs of clots. Went to bed and woke up this morning with cramping that comes and goes in my lower pelvic area, sometimes more like a dull ache. The clots are also a little larger but nothing as big as when I miscarried last time The doc did another hcg and progesterone level this morning and i am going back later for an ultrasound. Not sure if miscarriage yet, but I'm losing faith.

Any ideas? and if it is a miscarriage do you know why this might keep happening?

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Hi there -  First of all congrats on your pregnancy!  There are lots of reasons miscarriages happen -- but we don't know for sure if that's what's going on with you.  There's a lot of things I don't know -- when was your first hCG level?  And when was the repeat level?  Bleeding doesn't always signify a miscarriage -- and while bleeding isn't normal ever in pregnancy it is common.

Your best bet would be to call your doctor this morning, and share with your doctor what's happening now, your level of discomfort, how much you are bleeding and clotting.  In the meantime, drink lots of water -- 96 ounces a day for pregnant woman. Helps with uterine contractions.

If you are miscarrying you and your doctor can talk about what's going on with your body -- lots of women miscarry for varying reasons.  I miscarried because I had an egg quality issue.  Other women miscarry because of chromosome issues while other women miscarry because of immune issues.  It's hard to say and really only your doctor can make that diagnosis.

If you should begin to fill a pad every thirty minutes, develop a fever, or severe abdominal pain you need to be seen in an Emergency Room.

Take care and hang in there, I know how horrible it is to be in limbo.

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