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5 weeks ago my husband and I have unprotected sex, and now i have been having heavier than normal milky white discharge from my

Posted by sreysaw88

from my vagina, pain in my stomache when sleeping on my left side, and pain when i strain.. I have the birth control MIRENA but was unaware that it can move out of place causing the chances of pregnancy to be high.. Are these symptoms that I could be pregnant?
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Pain when you strain is a natural occurance from straining.


Milky white discharge is iffy-- that depends on where you are in your cycle. 

I really can't tell ya much based on what you have told me.  Are you late? Taken a home pregnancy test?

Hi there - Well, anytime you have unprotected sex you run the chance of conceiving.  I would take a home pregnancy test first and see what that tells you.  They are all pretty sensitive these days and accurate.

 If you are having pain then I would make an appointment and see your OBGYN to be checked just to rule out anything weird.

Take care-

Marna Gatlin, PVED

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