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4days of pinkish colored bleeding for 6days then started the actual period 3 days late?

Posted by firegf479

i had on sept 5th what appeared to be the start of my period (which wasnt suppose to start till sept 9th). however this mystery period was very light and had no need to use a tampon, pad or panty liner-only showed on the tp. it was also a pinkish and sometimes a light brown. ive taken 2 hpts one wed the 8th and the other sat the 11th-both negative. now sept 12th, it seems that i started my actual period as its red and there is more and tiny clots. at this point, im ruling out pregnancy and wondering if this is cause for concern? im generally a 25 day cycle and have never had this happen before and im 32 and healthy and also not on any birth control (10yrs last time i took any), or meds.
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