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39 weeks and diapers suck

Posted Jul 17 2011 5:37pm
Superbaby is 39 weeks old and a couple days today. Hard to believe that this little miracle of ours is going to be 9 months old next week!

About two weeks ago he started HATING having his diaper and clothes changed. I mean like a tantrum kind of hate. Its not every time, but at least twice a day I have to fight him to do it. WTF? Is it his "personality" coming out? Is it that he getting more independant, or wants to be? Did this happen to you? What did you do?

Four teeth coming in on the top, could be teething moodiness, although he seems to be doing ok with his teeth. I don't know.
We call him little monkey cause this boy climbs everything! When he's sitting up and then pulls himself up onto something he sits back down on floor. Like he is trying to getting down smooth, too cute. He is balancing himself well too, sticking an arm out once in awhile, walking is on the way huh?
Anyway just a quick update and please if this diaper/clothes thing happen to you , help me out...
Peace & love...

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