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36w, Birth Plan

Posted Jun 19 2009 5:41pm
Today I had the GBS test which I am praying comes back negative. I've been using the Hibiclens wash for 2 weeks now, so we'll see if it helped at all. This is the last hurdle I need to get over in order to have a "needle free birth."

We also presented our birth plan to the group of OBs today. The reaction was...fair I suppose. He came to the part about no IV or Heparin lock and asked what the reasoning was behind that. I started to explain that IVs and Hep locks cause me an extreme amount of pain (yes, more than normal people) and anxiety and I did not wish to have all that during my birthing time. The doctor immediately cuts me off and starts to lecture me about the importance of having the Heparin lock, to which I started to shake my head in disagreement and speak my mind. He said in this strange condescending weird tone, "Don't shake your head at me, please." Like I was a child or some idiot who had no clue what he was talking about. I bit my tongue and waited to see how this played out. (Although I really wanted to choke him.) I let him speak his mind and then I calmly explained that we were aware of the risks and understand his concerns, but it was our decision not to have an IV or even a Heparin lock. End of discussion. I waited for him to review the other 3/4 of the birth plan he had yet to get to, fearing what else he would make a big deal out of, but to my surprise, he said the rest was good. We parted on happy terms, but as my husband and I got to the car we said we will do what ever it takes to stick to our plan, even if we must become adamant about not getting a Hep lock and demand another doctor.

This is what we gave to him
Our Birth Plan

My goal is to deliver my baby as safely and naturally as possible without medical interventions unless the benefits outweigh the risks. I believe I am responsible for making my birth experience a positive, safe experience, and I plan to participate along with my husband and my care providers in making decisions about my labor, delivery, and postpartum care. Listed below are my birth preferences; I understand that final decisions about my care will be discussed and agreed upon in the birthing room with my well-being and the safe delivery of my baby as the most important considerations. I agree to sign consent forms for those “routine” procedures I opt against.

Birth Preferences
LaborI do not wish to have an IV, Heparin lock, or any blood work drawn.
Pain medication: none preferred
Membranes: allow to rupture naturally, even when dilation nears 10cm
Small amounts of food and water, as long as tolerated
Movement: be encouraged to freely move and walk around
Electronic fetal monitoring: external and only for initial 20 min strip, after that I would prefer intermittent Doppler monitoring

DeliveryPosition: I would like to deliver in whatever position feels most comfortable at the time.
Perineum care: no episiotomy unless absolutely necessary. I would like a care provider to apply warm washcloths or compresses to my perineum throughout the pushing stage.
Actual birth: I want to breathe and push my baby out-I don’t want my baby pulled out in any way.
Umbilical cord: clamped after it has stopped pulsing, father will cut it.
Following delivery: Immediate and prolonged skin-to-skin contact between mother and baby and immediate attempt at breastfeeding to promote natural delivery of the placenta.
Newborn screening/testing/vitals: we would like weighing of baby and footprints to be postponed several minutes; we refuse any silver nitrate or antibiotic ointments being placed in baby’s eyes and any drawing of baby’s blood. Baby will not receive vitamin K shot or Hepatitis vaccinations.

PostpartumWe do not wish to have uterine massage; to be done only if excessive bleeding occurs.
Baby is to remain in room with mother, if baby needs to leave for any testing, father will accompany baby at all times.
Feeding: Baby is to be exclusively breastfed. No bottles of any supplements or formula.
We wish to be discharged as soon as mother and baby are ready.

In the case of a complication which requires emergency care, we ask that our care providers still do their best to accommodate as many of our preferences as possible. We would only want our baby to be born via cesarean section in the case of an absolute emergency, and we realize that this would necessitate mom being given general anesthesia; dad would like to be present during surgery. In the case of a medical problem with baby after birth, dad and/or mom would like to be present with baby at all times, during all procedures.

Thank You, Staff

We realize that some of our choices in childbirth aren’t common in a hospital setting, and we thank the OB staff for respecting our wishes. We have had positive experiences with Hurley Hospital regarding this pregnancy, and look forward to having a wonderful positive birth experience. Our basic wish is that we’d like nature to take its course with the labor and delivery of our baby and only intervene with medical technology should a complication arise.
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