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32 Weeks and finally writing a blog

Posted Nov 21 2010 1:38am

This blog has been a long time coming now. Since that time when the doc confirmed I was pregnant, it has always been at the back of my mind to share my experience on cyber space.

I guess such is life, days become months and yikes I'm down to my final 8 weeks and still have not posted a blog. 

This is my first pregnancy so everything is brand new for me....I guess not to say that everything is exactly the same for subsequent pregnancies but I have been totally absorbed with books I've borrowed from the library and googling everything under the sun about pregnancy. 

It's a wonderful time now on 32 weeks as bub is more active and it definitely feel more real that there's a human being in you...especially as it looks more and more like I've put a basketball underneath my clothes. 

The most challenging thing I have to endure so far is being diagnosed with gestational diabetes. Being Asian has put me in a high risk category so it's no surprise. (there was a teeny weeny bit of wishful thinking though) The result came back 0.7 over!! so the past couple of weeks and for the weeks to go I've to be on a strict diet and test my glucose levels 4 times a day. (it's not too bad once you get used to it). 

It possibly could be a blessing in disguise (this is how I console myself) that I'm now more aware of low GI and impact of eating food has to potential heart disease and risk of being diabetes for life, etc....having been someone who always eat what they wanted and get away with it and who absolutely adores food, this has been quite a stretch. 

Perhaps it's just like those care free days....we can say that we've been there and done that...and now we have to move on to another phase in our healthy (cut the crap) and motherhood taking over!!





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