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30w5d, Ultrasound to Check Growth

Posted Jun 19 2009 5:41pm
Our appointment was at the hospital at 8:30, we didn't even get out until 10:30! Ugh! I swear they always take forever. I think they over schedule and on top of that the techs call in all the time. Grrr. Anyways we got to see our little girl, who was thankfully still a little girl (I worried about that). She was measuring right on track, only about 4 days behind, which is great. I had been measuring small, so the OBs ordered this ultrasound to make sure she was still growing great. I was amazed at how much bigger she is. She is estimated to be 3lbs 6oz right now! We got a few pics, but they were a profile of her head and one arm. That's all they could fit on the screen-no more full body pics like before! She is already head down with her back on my right side. I guess she just fits inside my ribcage too, and with me being so tall I guess that's why I'm not showing much.

The room is done! The only thing left to get is some kind of shelving system for the diaper caddy to go on next to the changing table. Oh-and I have to touch up paint one wall. We bought kitchen and bath washable paint, but they were out of what I had bought before and they gave me the next step up for the same price. I learned my lesson-go with what you like, cause the stuff they gave me is awful! We put pencil marks on the wall in order to space out the letters for her name. No big deal they should have washed off, right? Wrong. After taking my Mr. Clean Magic Eraser to it, it took some paint off and is now discolored! Ugh, more work for me. Those Magic Erasers are great and I use them on all my walls, but apparently this paint just doesn't like it.

I am super excited about my shower for this weekend. I hope I have enough room for everyone in my house! I hope I can get everything cleaned in time too! My sis and MIL are coming Friday to help clean, so I know I can leave some stuff for them.

I still have awful headaches every day and its hard to see most of the time, but I am trying to hang in there as long as possible. I now have just awful acne all over my back and chest. I have been trying all kinds of topical acne meds to keep it to a minimum, but its terrible! Luckily my face avoided it! I am glad though that I have only gained 20lbs so far, and hopefully can stay under 30 total. Here I tried so hard and lost 20 before becoming pregnant, I don't want to have to have even more to get rid of. Oh well, anything for my little girl. I can't wait to meet her. I have been wondering just what she'll look like. Me? DH? Neither one? Will she have lots of hair or be bald? Will she have inherited DH's birthmark on his face? Or mine on my knee that looks like dirt? Light or dark hair? I love to think about her. I love her so much already, I can't believe we're finally having our very own baby!
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