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3 Hour Glucose Test

Posted Feb 01 2010 12:00am
Well Ladies (and who knows maybe a Gentleman), I thankfully PASSED my 3-hour Glucose test. YAY, no gestational diabetes for this momma-to-be! When I called to schedule the awful procedure, the scheduling person told me not to consume anything for 12 hours prior to coming in (nothing to drink for 12 hours is torture). When I scheduled the 1 hour test I was told nothing after midnight which would have only been about 7.5 hours before the test. Not sure if this contributed to anything.

So for those who have to go through this I will give you a brief synopsis of what to expect. It is not actually a 3 hour test it is LONGER. See, they give you such a concentrated version of the glucose (double of that of the 1 hour) that if your blood sugar is too high to begin with, then there could be bad consequences to those who start with blood sugar too high. So they drew my blood and sent it to the lab to get my starting level. I had to wait an hour for those results. Mine came back low enough to take the test. Then, I drink the sugary concoction. I chose fruit punch over orange. The more concentrated one is hard to stomach. I had no problems downing the 1 hour version, but this one made me slightly nauseous. Was it the worst thing ever, no, but not on my list of things I really want to do again. They then draw more blood each hour for 3 hours after (4 pokes with a needle). The first hour is fine, I felt a little jittery but I watched TV, read a magazine, and people watched (WOW, that was WAY too much fun!). Then the next two hours it felt as though I was coming off a bad sugar/caffeine high. From what I have read, some people are allowed to leave (Christa) and do fun things, but the lab at the hospital does not allow you to leave until the test is complete. I had to get "special" permission to go to the baby gift shop next door, and I was followed by a lab nurse and the person working the shop was told if I collapsed or became weak to come and get them. Yup, not my idea of a fun morning, BUT after 4.25 hours, I was done and the results came back good! So no complaints here!!!

The only area that the doctor is concerned about is my iron levels. I started out right below the lower end of "normal". The doctor gave me a list of foods to eat to try and keep the numbers up and even increase them. Well the blood test has shown that the numbers are dropping even more. See, our bodies work in AMAZING ways. The mother's health is secondary to that of the baby. So no matter how low my iron gets, Baby J will get enough. He will just suck me dry of all of my nutrients BUT he will remain all nutrient rich! This is how life should be created and incubated. But I HAVE to increase my iron. There are no ifs, ands, or buts about it. If the levels don't rise a considerate amount, not only will my energy reserves be completely SHOT, but when I go into labor if iron is too low, you can't get an epidural. Yes, you read that right, IF I can't get these numbers up I CAN'T GET AN EPIDURAL!!!!!! So now I am still taking my daily prenatal vitamin which has 156% of my daily iron needs AND taking a Slow FE Iron Supplement as well (this has 250% of daily iron needs). So what might you ask me a glorious side-effect of too much iron?!?!?! Constipation. Not only does pregnancy cause uncomfortable GI issues, but now I get to take a supplement that will increase it!!!! YAY!! Oh well, anything for a healthy baby and an epidural!!

My in-laws came over yesterday and we are almost finished painting the nursery! The ceiling needs one more coat and then all the painting is done! We ran out of the ceiling paint (I really though one gallon would be enough) so I will pick some more up today and let J finish tonight. Then the REALLY fun and exciting stuff begins! We will pick up the furniture from the baby store and start putting it together! We have to pick up the crib, 5 drawer dresser, and changing table! We bought already a GREAT bookcase from World.Market last week (they were having a HUGE sale - we got it half off) which is sitting in a box on my dining room floor! I still haven't picked out the glider - I guess I need to do that soon! Our goal is to have all the furniture (at least that is in) set up before my first shower which is on February 21. We should be able to get it all done. All that I see getting in the way is the Superbowl (Geaux.Sain.ts) and then Mardi Gras the weekend and week of the 14th. Oh yea, AND our classes start tomorrow night. Tomorrow we have a two hour class at the hospital called Labor and Delivery. It is the tour of the L&D floor (which I unfortunately know pretty well) and the registration process. We also watch a video of a c-section. Hopefully J won't pass out!!!

I will upload nursery pictures as soon as we finish the last coat of ceiling paint! YAY for 30 weeks and 2 days!!! 68 more days!
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