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3 days and a Sunburn

Posted Jun 15 2009 12:05am
Yes that right!!!! Only 3 more days until viability for the boys. We SO got this!

You might ask how one gets a sunburn on bedrest... that's simple... I bedrested (yes, I know that is not a word) outside yesterday. Who knew my pale self could burn that fast. That is NOT like me. Normally I have at least a small tan this time of year, but being this was my first time outside all week that could explain why my skin is so pale and I burned so fast.

My Step-Dad and Hub-Bub spent the day building us a storage shed and game room in the back yard. See when we bought this house it had a carport in the backyard, why... we are not sure, but we decided to enclose it and make half of it a storage shed and the other half a game room, or Gabe's get away room. A room for Gabe's Raider stuff, video games, a dart board etc. It may very well be my sanity during football season. Check it out...
A baby girl in the crib, NOT a good idea. We need to break this habit VERY fast.

The split

Play time for the four legged boys, thank goodness. Thanks Elianna!

Hub-Bub working hard showing off the window

Four legged boys working hard
Me working hard as well

Coming along
The doors and window
The start of the siding
It is coming along well, I will post more as it progresses. We plan to paint it the color of the trim on our house, but who knows when that will happen. For now the storage shed, is most important. These boys need lots of "stuff."

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