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28 Instant Songames: Fun-Filled Activities for Kids Aged 3 to 8

Posted Jun 28 2010 12:00am

Last week a small package landed on our doorstep, a small package that has brought so much fun into our home that I wish it had landed about 7 years ago when my eldest daughter would have been three.

What was contained within? 28 Instant Songames, that's what!

28 Instant Songames is an audio cd and 48 page booklet full of very addictive fun songs, sounds and activities for young children.

What really surprised me was just how quickly my son showed his enthusiasm for it. Having listened to it just once after returning from nursery, he was desperately keen to listen again and chatted about it the whole way over to his 6 year old sister's school as we went to collect her! Upon arriving home he put it on again for her to listen to. His enthusiasm for it obviously rubbed off on her because she was then dying to share it with her older sister!

I'll also admit that the cd player has been busier than it has been for a very long time since 28 Instant Songames arrived - which makes a refreshing change for us as it's normally the Nintendos getting a workout after school rather than the children! 

The music is catchy, the voices friendly and the magic is evident throughout. I am quite honestly amazed at how much fun we've all had with the cd. 

And it's not just the cd that's great; the fabulous booklet included for parents/teachers is absolutely teeming full of extra activities and ideas for how to incorporate 28 Instant Songames into your daily life or into your classroom. 

The whole package is also very suited to children with special needs and those who care for them.

The games on the cd encourage children to become more aware of their feelings and surroundings, develop their senses, coordination and social skills, as well as learning about their bodies. It inspires them to be expressive and to use language and movement to show how they are feeling. 

Jack and Sarah have been having a wonderful few days chanting all the new lyrics they've learnt and making up movements to go with them. Even Tara, who is 10, is enjoying the cd and although she's not participating so much in the actual games, she is singing a lot of the songs and adding her own interpretations to them (sometimes being a little bit naughty with the wording!

If you'd like to see for yourself just how effectively  28 Instant Songames works with your own children, it's available from Amazon priced at just £15.98. It's also available from and .

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