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26 weeks tomorrow

Posted Apr 14 2011 1:25am
We have company from the US coming tomorrow and they'll be with us for 10 days. I'm excited as they are bringing a package from my Dad that has some really cute stuff for Superbaby I bought online. It'll be nice to see them too LOL.

So Superbaby found his toes and every time I change him, or he is laying down his foot goes into his mouth. Not only does it go in, but he sucks his toes like they are his pacifier! Its too funny and so cute as you see below.

Hard to believe he will be 6 months old next week. I look at him and see so much wisdom, yes I see it already. I think he is going to be like Super S in so many ways. A thinker, an observer, intelligent and wise. He is always quiet when we are out like he is really studying things not just looking like a baby does. My wise little man, keep eating them toes!
So I may not be posting too much for the next week, like I am now LOL, as we'll be busy with guests and travelling around Egypt too. We will go to Alexandria for the day and then to our beloved Dahab of course for a few days. We are so excited to take Superbaby there. I remember how much we've talked about him there and daydreamed of him being there with us. Last year during my 2ww we were there, I etched his name in the sand.
Here's a Thursday question for you... if you were successful at IVF and and it brought you your miracle, would you try again? Either by using embryos that you have on ice or starting a completely new cycle? Or are you just thankful and don't want to put yourself through the pain and agony again? Then again it could bring you yet another miracle, or not.
Have a great weekend. xoxo

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