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26 weeks and counting

Posted Apr 23 2009 5:26pm
Just one more week until we hit our third trimester! Read on a website today that if baby girl Brown was born right now, she'd have a 70% chance of surviving without any major abnormalities. Whew. Have to say, that feels pretty good. But I do tell her when I *talk* to her (via the phone, which Jenna holds to her belly) that she can't come out for a while yet, and that she needs to stop kicking her auntie in the ribs. The coolest stuff about this week in the fetal development world are that she's starting to open her eyes now, and she can respond to touch.

Yesterday when I was on the phone with Jenn, she gave my poor sis a big kick. We had to have a little chat. As I was telling her to leave her poor aunt alone, and not to kick her so much in places that hurt, she kicked the phone! Now I don't think this was her being rebellious (isn't it a bit early for that?), but rather an acknowledgement of her mommy asking her a favour. I'm certain it's simply coincidence, but I like to believe she heard me and was giving me a "What's up mom!"

Earlier in the day I had gone to a little local baby shop ( hello sunshine ) to see if it was a good place to register (ahhh registering - this is a whole other story, which I think I'll save for tomorrow's post). I chatted with the man behind the counter, asking a few questions about the store etc., and as I was leaving he said "Congratulations by the way!" I stood there for a second, and then gave him a big smile and a "Thanks" before leaving. I was so proud of myself! I didn't launch into my story, for the first time in a while, and it felt great. Now I know that when I go back the *story* will be one of the first things out of my mouth - I feel bad that if I'm a repeat visitor, and I suddenly don't look pregnant, that people will think something terrible has happened. Whatever. It was fun to pretend yesterday : )

I noticed today that the great glider debate has taken off, and the upholstered version seems to be winning by a landslide. This will help make up for me losing the painting poll...
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