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26 Week Check-up and Pictures (Gulp)!

Posted Jan 05 2010 12:00am
Thank you for all of your supportive comments that y'all left on my last post about the trip to the hospital. Baby J seems to have gotten all cozy again, and we have not had anymore scary moments since!

This morning we had our regular monthly checkup at the doctor's office. All went well! Everything looks good. I am up a little bit more in the weight category - 18 lbs at 26 weeks! I feel like this is a good number for me. I am still not having huge cravings for things that are really unhealthy. Just an occasional Chinese take-out or ice cream after dinner. I do snack a little between meals but usually its a granola bar or an apple. I know, HOW BORING!!!! Before I got pregnant I really thought I would be that pregnant lady who just indulged in EVERYTHING! I just haven't really craved it. Bummer ;)
I told the doctor about my visit to the ER - what happened at our house, at the hospital, and what the nurses and doctor told and did for me. Dr. P was truly concerned. He wanted to check my cervix again to make sure it was still closed. Sure enough, really high and closed. He said that if I had leaked amniotic fluid or my water had broken, then I would have gone into labor by now. He just wants me to monitor myself and the baby, and if I start having regular contractions again, to head straight for Labor and Delivery so they could be stopped again. He listed a bunch of different things that we could do if I were to start preterm labor to stop it. It really made me feel good and I left thinking that we are all going to be okay!

He did mention that it was good that we were already at the hospital when those contractions were coming as regularly as they were. They were able to be stopped without going too far! As a few of you wrote, THANK GOD I PEED ON MYSELF!!!!

We further discussed my concern with the baby aggravating my asthma. I am carrying high and there have been a few times where he wedges himself at the top of my uterus. This will aggravate my asthma. I am on preventative medicine (which just helps me maintain an asthma-free lifestyle) with a rescue if things were to flair up. Dr. P said that I may use the rescue more than I have used it in the past (it is pretty rare that I have to use it) but that it will not hurt the baby. The mindset is oxygen to mom = oxygen to baby!!!

Last but not least my belly is measuring perfectly for where we are at!

Speaking of belly, Christa has repeatedly asked for baby bump pictures! I decided I will post a few!

This picture was taken at our resort in Turks&Caicos. I had found out my HCG was 9, but told that it may not be a viable pregnancy with a number that low. I brought HPT with me and the tests became darker and darker through the trip. I knew that I was becoming "more pregnant"! At this point, I can tell my boobs have increased in size already. I hope I can get close to that pre-pregnancy body sometime in the future!

The next pictures I had J take on Christmas Eve in front of our Christmas tree. You get a front and a side shot - lucky you!! I am a day short of 25 weeks here. I/Baby J had a major growth spurt the 3 weeks leading up to this shot!

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