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24 Week Appointment and Planning for After the Birth

Posted Sep 29 2008 11:54pm
My doctor's appointment went fine. The mother-in-law came along to help corral the Monster Baby, which was good. Blood pressure was 129/68, a little high for me but still good. I passed the glucose test, but since it was done so early, I'll have to do another one to rule out gestational diabetes in about 2 weeks. I was so hoping to drink the flat orange soda-like drink again. The almost daily swelling of my hands and feet is considered normal. Apparently it happens to all pregnant women. When I mentioned that I had never had it before, I was told I was lucky. Not feeling all that lucky when my shoes and wedding ring don't fit.

The doctor was kind enough to estimate that I will deliver by scheduled c-section on January 8, 2009. Then don't officially schedule c-sections until 1 month prior to your due date, but it's nice to have an idea and be able to start planning around it. The Hellion's dad would have been able to get her on the bus in the mornings while I'm in the hospital and the week after, but he thinks his schedule is going to change. I would have just let her walk over tho the bus stop herself, since she manages to come home from the bus stop alone, but since it'll be January it may be snowy or icy and either way it'll probably be freezing. I'll probably have to ask my aunt to pick her up and take her since my cousin goes to the same bus stop, but I hate having to put people out. I'll have to pretty much live in the living room since there is no way for me to lug 2 kids up and down the stairs with staples. I stayed upstairs with the Monster Baby when she was small, but she'll be older and probably want warm food from the kitchen. The pack and play has a bassinet attachment, so the new baby can sleep downstairs with me, but the husband will probably have to bring Monster Baby down in the morning. Hopefully I'll be able to get her to go back to sleep on the couch or something.

The perfect scenario would be in the husband gets a permanent job with the company he's at now and they put him on night shift. He'd be here to get the Hellion on the bus and could sleep while the Monster Baby sleeps upstairs. He could bring her down when she gets up in the morning and I could watch the two kids until he wakes up for the day. He'd be here with me until the Hellion got home from school. She could keep the Monster Baby somewhat entertained on the days she's with us. Or, if no that, there would only be a few hours between the husband leaving for work and when my parents are home from work. They could help out if I needed it or at the very least just get the Monster Baby to sleep in the crib at night for me. I'm quickly coming to realize that 3 kids after a c-section is not going to hbe an easy thing.
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