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23 Hours of Bliss

Posted Jan 22 2009 6:21pm
I spent my first night away from Bo on Saturday night. And while Mike and I both missed him terribly, I have to admit that our night away was just what I needed.

Around 12:30 on Saturday we headed to the IMAX to see Batman. I ate popcorn and drank fully leaded Mountain Dew while enjoying a movie we've been dying to see for a month and a half. Bliss.

After the movie, we went shopping. We didn't have a lot of time so we just went to a few places. Mike and I found a few items at Banana Republic and we bought Bo this adorable shirt at Children's Place and some pajamas. I also hit the kiddie consignment shop and picked up some great finds -- jeans with the tags still attached, toys, etc. Bliss.

After our brief shopping trip we checked in at the Herrington. We were suppose to go there for our anniversary but then Bo was sick and it only took us 6 months to reschedule... Anyway, we finally made it. The hotel is beautiful. We had a gorgeous room with a view of the river. Bliss.

This is the view from our room. Isn't the river beautiful?

At 5:30 we went to the spa for a couple's massage. This was Mike's first massage. About halfway through he said, "Jamie, I see why you like this." :) Needless to say, we both emerged relaxed and renewed. Bliss.

We went back to our room and took showers and then headed to FoxFire for dinner. I had the most amazing stuffed peppers and Mike had fillet. To die for. Bliss.

This is the only picture of me and the only picture of the two of us together. I didn't carry the camera around but I did snap this quick shot before we headed out the door to dinner. Talk about an extreme close-up!

We debated going to Graham's 318 for fondue. But I was just stuffed... there was no way I could handle it. (Hum... maybe I can convince him to take us today??? Bo would like it!) We walked back to the hotel and soaked in a melon scented bath. Ahhh... Bliss.

The rest of the evening has been edited to avoid embarrassing close family and friends who read the blog.... *wink* Bliss.

We enjoyed a peaceful nights sleep but we still woke up at 6:30. While for us this is sleeping in, it isn't the type of sleeping in you think about when you have the first morning in as long as you can remember that you don't have to get up. We laid in bed for a good while and just enjoyed the fact that we didn't have to do anything. Bliss.

We ate breakfast at the hotel and read the Tribune on the deck in our hotel room. Bliss. (And what is the deal with McCain picking Palin? Seriously, I didn't think he had a chance before -- but this is like sticking a nail in his own coffin!)

Mike opens up the Trib. I think he knows I've grabbed the camera.... :)

About 9:30 I went for a facial. I don't think I look any younger but it sure did feel good. Bliss.

At 10:30 we were ready to head back to the in-laws to see the Bobo. We missed him. We could have stayed at the hotel until 12 but we wanted to see our baby. And it was past time for me to check-in with my online class... I can't be away from it for more than 24 hours. I just made the cut-off today...

We were thrilled to be reunited with Bo but he had a great time with his Grandma and Grandpa. They said he slept well, ate like a champ, and was a little angel. Thank goodness!

And now, it's back to reality -- back to the online class while Bo naps this afternoon. Back to mommyhood. Back to my brick and mortar job on Monday. Back to all of the normal routines and worries.

But for 23 hours, it all melted away. Ah... bliss.

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