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2007 and News

Posted Oct 22 2008 4:51pm

It's 12:30am New Years Day and one might wonder what in the name of all that's good would I be doing home and completely sober. Well, we had tickets to an open bar and we did in fact go. As soon as the ball dropped I hopped in the car and came home, leaving the husband and his numerous beers to find a cab. We didn't fight, I was just so exhausted and the smell of the place was completely getting to me.

We spent a whole bunch of money on open bar and all I drank was a glass of cranberry juice and a glass of cranberry pineapple juice. Completely unlike me. Why would I do such a thing? Because I got a very faint positive pregnancy test result this past Thursday. A little darker on Friday. A little darker on Saturday. And just a bit darker today. So I'm definitely pregnant.

Very excited. I've been taking the Prometrium 100mg twice a day since Thursday and my symptoms are all getting stronger (carsickness, sore boobs, heartburn, smelling everything and being completely exhausted) so things are looking good so far.

We proved with the last three pregnancies that we aren't very good secret keepers, so we told most people today. I figure, they are going to find out when I have a miscarriage anyway, right? Well, that and no one bought any excuse I was making for not drinking on New Years Eve.

Unfortunately, I have already staked my claim as being the party pooper of this pregnancy. Everyone is so excited and vying for godfather and such. I'm the one person in the realm of reality who is trying to explain that we really need to take this pregnancy day by day and not get ahead of ourselves. Pregnant does not equal baby in my world.

The biggest debate is how many babies I'll have. This is our first pregnancy with the aid of Clomid and since I ovulate on my own anyway, there's a chance it could be multiples. The husband seems to have convinced himself I'm carrying triplets. I'd be happy making it full term with just one baby.

I'm 4 weeks today. I have another 8 weeks until I am even close to being out of the woods, miscarriage wise. My first goal: Making it past 6 weeks, which is where I lost the last pregnancy. That's January 14, so I guess keep you fingers crossed or whatnot for me.

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