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2 weeks post period and light bleeding with cramping. Could it be implantation or ovulation?

Posted by Teri28

Hello, I am 2 weeks past my period. I had a period on oct. 28 now it is Nov. 11 (15 days after) and I am having light bleeding. As a side note, I have irregular periods so never really know when my next period will be. They typicall tend to be aound 40 something days before the next. So, if the saying is true that you ovulate 14 days before your next period then I shouldnt ovulate until around thanksgiving time frame (with long irregualr period). So since I am only 15 days into my cycle and having bleeding I am concerned.

My period started 28 Oct. Ended on 2nd Nov (6 days long)

Had unprotectect sex with fiance 5ht and 6th Nov

Now 11 Nov and light bleeding.

So can I be having implantation bleeding just 7 days after unprotected sex?

If so, then the ovulation timing does not add up...that "shouldnt be until thanksgiving week" I wonder if I ovulated right after my period and will again during thanksgiving so confused. Why am I bleeding. It is not enough to cover a panty liner, light pinkish with brownish color, headach and back ach horrible yest and today! Sick feeling yesterday, unusual runny nose today and cramping periodically...any thoughts? What stinks is it is a friday evening and dont want to go to er if it is ovulation bleeding and look silly and pay money i don't have since I have no insurance. Thanks for any suggestions.


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