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2 weeks late, have had tubes tied and a uternablation 1 year ago...What is going on??

Posted by Kathy

I have been every 28 days like clock work sense my ablation. all of the sudden I am 2 weeks late and feel weird... I had egg white disharge every 2 days for the first week I missed and now all is normal. I have had a couple sharp pains in my side today but that is it... Any ideas what is going on with my body?
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If you had two days of egg white cervical fluid then I would say that was your fertile window and you are now in your luteal phase (the time from the day after ovulation to the day before your bleed begins).


Because it looks as though you had a delayed ovulation you have to count your LP days from that point rather than its usual start date. 

Have you been extra stressed lately (at home or work), moved somewhere new, was ill, took antibiotics, etc. 

All these are reasons for ovulation to be delayed.

I did have my normal ovolation time it was around the 5th - 7th. that was all normal. Last month I took a bc pill to try and help the pain during ovolation time and then when I had my cycle at the end of Nov it was so painfl that my doc said do not take it again the second month. So then this month has been GREAT no pain or any thing. No I am not starting. My hormones are all over the place which is new for me and I am so tired. This is somehting I thru all the time though. I figure if I did not have a cycle next month I would call the doc. But I was just trying to avoid wasting the money on that or any thing else if I could at all help it.  Thanks for replying..:)
have you ever been tested for PCOS or endo??
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