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2 week wait..... Implantation Bleeding????????

Posted by summergirl525

I am new to posting so please bare with me. My husband and I are trying to concieve our 3rd child. We have never had problems in the past concieving however I don't remember having any implantation bleeding or cramping before. By what my ovulation calendar says my fertile time this month was 4/24-4/26. My husband and I had intercourse 1 time on 4/23, 1 time on 4/24, 3 times on 4/25, and twice on 4/26. I am now about 9 days past ovulation and yesterday and today I have had some brownish spotting around my cervix with some cramping. Do you think this is implantaion bleeding or is my period starting early? I haven't had any other symptoms. Also when would be the best time to test? This 2 week wait is killing me!!! Thank You.
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Here is something that I realized a few years ago:

In the 2ww-- nothing is sure.  Things like "implantation bleeding", or "implatation dip" can't be determined unless it is in hindsight (even then it isn't even a sure thing).  The same with charting. It is there to help determine what is "normal" for you as far as cycling goes, to determine your ovulation date, and if you have a healthy luteal phase.  It cannot tell you if you are pregnant or what particular day you implanted, etc. 

Since you say you have brownish spotting I would suggest to you that with all the intercourse your vaginal canal and cervix could very well be irritated.  Brown usually indicated the blood to be old blood that the body is ridding itself of rather than new which would be bright red spotting.  I am not saying it absolutely isn't implantation bleeding, I'm just giving you another viewpoint as to what it might be

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