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2 months off the pill, 2 months late, 2 negative pregnancy tests, and increased clear odorless discharge. Whats going on?

Posted by dber06

I'm 21 years old and have been on the pill for over 2 years. I was last on the pill in 2 months ago and 2 months ago was when I had my last period. Since then I've been using a condom for protection. Before I got on the pill I was VERY irregular. I thought that because I was normally irregular before the pill, that was the reason why my period was late. I took a home pregnancy test when my period was almost a week late and it was negative. I noticed an increase of clear, odorless, discharged and decided I should go to the health department. 2 weeks after my home pregnancy test, I took one at the health department and it too came out negative. I'm now almost 2 months without a period and I'm not sure what's going on. Is my body trying to adjust without the pill, am I just irregular naturally, or is it something more serious?
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Nothing outside of just hormones out of wack. That's why I got on the pill. My uterus is displaced and that's basically all that is out of the norm.

have you had your hormone levels checked?

Do you know if you have PCOS or endo?  

Basically I am asking you what have they done to determine the cause of your irregular cycles?

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