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2 mon. off bcp, ttc and odd period(?), possible pregnancy???

Posted by schultzaaronlynne

my husband and i are ttc. i stopped bcp 7 weeks ago. last month my period was right on time and the same old same old. this month i started spotting 6 days after ovulation(thurs) and on friday morning i awoke to an overflowed pad (tmi, sorry) and larger than usual clots. this lasted all day and by the time i woke this morning (sat) i have almost stopped bleeding completely. very unusual for my periods. to boot, yesterday i was achy and very hungry. today i am not achy, but it feels like i can't get enough to eat.

i was wondering if it could be from my bcp or maybe the prednisone that i was on for poison ivy or if it could be a strange type of implantation bleeding? i was not due to have my period for almost exactly 1 week from when it happened and i figured i would take a hpt on the 24th, as it was when i was supposed to have it just to make sure, but figured i would ask here just to see if anyone else had experienced such a large bleed for 1 day and still wound up being pregnant.....

Thanks for any input.


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