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11 weeks late for period, with severe pelvic pain

Posted by rachel

i am 20 years old and i am 11 weeks late for my period, i have severe pelvic/ovarie pain , i have take 3 pregnancy tests a week and they all say negative, i have been to blood and urine tested for pregnancy with negative result . i have had an ultrasound and there is nothing there. the pain is getting worse and still no period ... i have also had no symtoms of a period such as breast tenderness which i usually get.

i also have bloating and sometimes dizziness and nauses but mainly the pelvic pain.

i have 1 son of 2 years gave birth naturally with no complications

i have had surgery in the last 4 months which was a laproscapy with no problems and had normal cycle after surgery until 11 weeks ago.

 i have endometriosis in my family and breast cancer, bowel cancer and brain tumours..

please what is wrong with me i am at whits end!! 

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