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11 DPO

Posted Jul 27 2008 12:00am

Hmmm. I'm 11 dpo today. This cycle has gone MUCH better than the last two! yay! a NORMAL ovulation and luteal phase. Looks like "they" were right, it takes a couple of months to get the hormones straight after starting the hc. I'm good with this. Of course my wonderful dh is asking everyday if I'm pregnant, and I tell him, "YES" lol. We are very weird people with macabre senses of humor. The things we joke about, in relation to ttc. But it's better to laugh than cry and better to say" yes I'm pregnant"" (and attempt to be positive) than to say "NO I'm not and be negative, right?)

I chatted with my newly pg sister in law the other day. She's happy she is pregnant of course but not bouncing off the walls by any stretch of the imagination. My dh is starting to talk to people about the trials of ttc. He told another sil that everyone should have a period of time where they think they cannot get pregnant, then they would appriciate it more. It's funny though, becuase it's like it dosen't even sink in. Even when you tell them to their faces how gut wrenching and hard this is. But I guess with you have seven children under the age of 11 and one more on the way, there is no way you could understand where we are coming from. Yes I'm surrounded by extremely fertile women.

I really would like to say I'm not getting my hopes up but of course I am. I do every month, even when I say I'm not. I want to get this show going, It's been a long time, and time just keeps rolling onward. ............

St Gerard pray for me! St Jude patron of hopeless causes, help me! Jesus Mary and Joseph you know the desires of my heart and you know they are good, the desire for a child. Give me my prayer.
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