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101 in 1001: 5 Month Update

Posted Jan 04 2010 9:27am
24. Design a completely personalized blog layout.
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33. Buy a Barnes & Noble Nook.
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34. Buy a better digital camera.
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35. Buy a GPS for the car.
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40. Start getting my eyebrows waxed again.
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83. Cook a holiday brunch.
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90. Go to a flea market.
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2. Lose 80 pounds.
Having sat on my ass and eaten whatever I wanted for the last 3 months, I am back where I started. I plan on eating regular people portions at regular people eating times starting this month.

3. Go to the gym at least 3 times a week
Getting back to the gym this month after not even entering the building for the last 3 months. Must buy new sneakers immediately.

16. Read 50 books I already own.
I read 7 books that I already owned in December. Read post here.

17. Read all 100 books on the BBC book list
I didn't read any books off the list in December.

45. Take a self portrait everyday for a year to get over my hatred of having my picture taken. Post pictures to the 365 Project.
Chugging along with this one. Click on the link above to see my past pictures.

47. Compile a cookbook of my favorite recipes.
Made some more progress with this. I have a stack of cookbooks that I have already gone through and tried the recipes. Now I just have to sit down and type them all into the template.

48. Make a bucket list.
Didn't even look at the list this month.

55. Redecorate bedroom now that it is child-free.
Picked up 2 more cheap bookshelves and finished rearranging all furniture. Need to pick up a couch-like futon and coffee table-like storage trunk.

79. Try absinthe.
My mom gave the husband and I airplane bottles of absinthe as stocking stuffers. Now I just have to get around to drinking it.

86. Try 20 new (to me) restaurants.
Went to 4 new to me restaurants in December. Read post here.

94. Watch every movie on AFI's America's Greatest Movies 1998 list.
I watched 3 movies from this list in December. Read post here.

95. Watch one movie that was released for each year from 1940-2009 that I haven't seen.
I watched 1 movie that qualified for this goal in December. Read post above.
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