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10 week and 2 days scan

Posted Apr 26 2011 10:17am
We have just had our last appointment in London and our first scan where the baby actually looked like a baby.  I have two pictures, which I have posted below.  He was wiggling his arms and legs about a lot.
Our 4cm long baby! 10 weeks 2 days

I am 10 weeks 2 days pregnant, and so I had an abdominal scan this time.  It made me quite emotional, as it was the first scan where I felt like it was a real baby rather than an embryo.  I have decided it is a boy.  I already thought that, because I haven't been feeling sick (I know it isn't a very reliable indicator), but I am even more sure he is a boy now, because he is measuring bigger than 10 weeks.  That reminded me of Dexter as he was a big baby.  I know it's not really logical to jump from that, to the fact that he must be a boy, but that's what I have decided anyway.

We need to give him a name now.  A temporary name for before he is born.  Dexter used to be called Davey.  My friend Vicky named him.  Well actually she was telling us what we weren't allowed to call him, but it stuck and became his pre-birth name.  It makes sense why we weren't allowed to call him that, if you know our last name.

We have three more weeks left of Steve having to inject me and then I will be off all the drugs!  I can't wait for that day.

As we left the hospital, Steve said that he felt like a weight had been lifted from him.  It's really quite a milestone, we never have to make another trip to London, if we don't want to.  No more trips to CRGH.  Thank you to all the staff there, for helping us get pregnant.  To have got Dexter and another baby on the way, is really an amazing gift and I'm very grateful.  Don't be offended though that I am glad, we probably won't be meeting again!

Actually, I will see the PGD team because they'll be at the Myotonic dystrophy support group conference, but we probably won't see any of the IVF staff again.  Thank you for everything and good bye.  I'll send a photo when the baby arrives.
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