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10 Things I Love About Bo…

Posted Mar 29 2012 5:58pm

Bo and Rueben

10. He has a big heart.  He really cares about others (even though it doesn’t show all the time towards his sisters!) and it’s apparent in his interactions with others.  He loves to have friends over and is more social than I could ever dream to become. 

9. He’s always trying to help and be a big helper.  One of his current favorites is to help me sort laundry.  He loves the color-coded piles.  On Wednesday, I let him sort the laundry himself and he actually did a great job!  He may have a bit of Mike and my house cleanliness OCD.  ;)

8. I never know what he’s going to say, but usually it makes me smile.  Last Friday, he was very excited about going to play with the rabbit (his name is Reuben) when we had Easter photos taken. 

7. He’s still my baby.  When he’s sick or tired, he’ll say “Mama! Mama!” and crawl up into my lap.  I’m enjoying those moments as I know they won’t last forever.

6. He’s crafty.  He actually appreciates and enjoys the crazy ideas I come up with to keep us entertained.  He’ll even sit and look at the pictures on Pinterest with me on my phone – and is quick to point out the ideas that he thinks look fun!

5. He likes technology.  His latest iPad craze is Smurf Village – which Mike is now also playing on his phone.  He definitely comes by this love naturally as both Mike and I have always had a technology addiction. He’s made it to level 14!  (And yes,we do limit iPad usage – he has it before 7 in the morning and for an hour in the afternoon.  Otherwise he’d be on it all the time.)

4.  His laugh.  When he gets tickled, it makes me smile just watching him.

3.  His jokes.  He’ll look around the room and make up a joke based on whatever he happens to see.  “Why did the window eat snow?”  “Because the Leprechaun told it to.”

2.  He has style.  It probably says something about me that I trust my 4-year-olds judgment on clothing – but usually he’s right.  :)

1.  His personality.   He’s four going-on forty.  I think part of this is being the oldest child and having to be a big brother to the girls, but part of it is definitely just who he is.  Luckily, he doesn’t have any of the worries he’ll have when he’s forty.  Except for maybe sorting laundry. ;)

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