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10 Things I Love About Anna…

Posted Mar 22 2012 3:54pm

Anna cute

10. She’s stubborn.  While it drives me crazy, I also love that she has such a strong will.  I know it will be beneficial for her – and I know she comes by it naturally…

9. She’s full of drama.  I’m sure she’ll star in a play some day with her theatrics.  Even events such as being given white cheese instead of yellow or (Heaven forbid!) being required to wear something that isn’t pink, can cause full-on dramatics.  To be honest, I have a love/hate relationship with this one.

8. Her sweet little voice.  She’s so cute and matter-of-fact with her sentences.  Her expressions, hand gestures, and head tilts make even her most serious requests adorable. 

7. She makes me work for my kisses.  Anna’s a self-proclaimed “Daddy’s girl” and often won’t let me kiss her – only Daddy.  However, we’ve come to an agreement – if it is a big kiss it can be on her nose or her head.  Makes me smile when she demands a “big kiss on my nose.”

6. She’s a girly-girl with tom boy tendencies.  She adores the color pink (I’m still not sure how that happened…), worships her baby doll, yet is just as excited as Bo about t-ball and practically flips anytime she sees someone playing “bouncy ball!” (aka basketball). 

5. Her grin.  It’s usually cheesy, but very adorable.  Not that I’m biased or anything…

4.  Her laugh.  Especially her silly one.  She can have quite the giggle-fit, usually when Daddy is tickling her or swinging her around upside down.

3.  Her piercing blue-eyes.  How did I end up with such a beauty?

2.  Her sense of humor.  She seems to be amused by the same things that Mike is… which is mostly good but does sometimes make my eyes roll. ;)

1.  Her personality.  She’s a happy child who always makes me look at life through a different lens.  I love that the small things amuse her like a cookie after dinner, being able to carry a book into Mary’s, and hiding under the table while eating her lunch.

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