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#10. Get dental work done.

Posted Oct 20 2009 10:01pm
10. Get dental work done.

After not having dental insurance for 8 years, we are finally covered. I planned on going as soon as the husband has his work finished since he was in pain and I wasn't. When I cracked my tooth on the corn a few weeks back, I couldn't wait any longer. The husband made me an appointment when canceling his own and they were able to see me in 2 days.

Visit the First
There was a 2 minute wait before they could bring me into the exam room and they actually apologized for it. I'm not used to that kind of courtesy. I'm used to this.

We did some xrays and they the hygienist set forth to rid me of 8 years of gunk. First let me say that I had forgotten how close then get. It was like we were going to make out, but in a completely professional manner. Secondly, the sucky thing, well sucks. Hard. I left with what I believe to be a hickey inside of my mouth. And finally, she had me rinse, which was horrifying. I swore I spit out a bunch of tiny teeth chunks. She said it was tartar. That made it more gross and slightly less horrifying since I did in fact have all of the teeth I entered the building with.

The dentist poked around. The diagnosis: 6 teeth with cavities. The one that cracked was weakened by the cavity. He can fix the broken tooth with just a filling. Sweet. No major work and all covered by my insurance.

Visit the Second
My butt didn't even hit the chair before they called me back. Four of my front teeth had cavities that needed to be filled. Four shots of Novocaine. And the strange thought that the drill bits looked like tools for a pedicure.

The dentist did all the drilling in what seemed to be record time. He gave me a few minutes to rest before filling the holes he had just made. I could feel the holes in my teeth. I could feel myself freaking out. The hygenist asked me what it felt like. I said, "This is what nightmares are made of."

The dentist returned and filled the teeth with speed that equaled the drilling. 45 minutes total and my mouth looked good as new. When scheduling my appointment for my back teeth to be filled, the dentist told me to smile. When I couldn't he laughed and said everyone who gets the front novocaine always looks like actors in "The Planet of the Apes."

Went home and promptly bit a huge chunk out of the front of my lip. I didn't even feel the sucker, just noticed the blood. Stupid Novocaine.

Visit the Third
The final visit to fill two cavities in my back teeth. From my point of view, it seemed as though the dentist was popping out of nowhere with that huge novocaine syringe. He saw me tense up both times. He made the comment about my having tattoos. I made the comment that it the syringe was so big it was likely it would come out the other side of my head. He told me he'd never done that but a guy in dentist school did. They knew because fluid was shooting out from the back of he patient's head.

My dentist, he sure knows how to calm a girl. Somehow, this makes me like him more. Is it wrong to like your dentist? Aren't I supposed to both hate and fear him?

He filled my cavities with the same speed as the previous week and I was out of there in 30 minutes with perfect teeth. Well, as perfect as he could make them.
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