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10/4/09 - Fish Watch'n, Fish Eat'n and just plain Fish'n

Posted Oct 13 2009 10:04pm

After a hard working week, Aimee and I were able to take some time to ourselves and enjoy a few recommendations around Wrightsville Beach. Mike, (Ally and Bran's Dad), was able to find a job in Wilmington and also plans to grow his pressure washing business on the side. So...needless to say, we were kidless and we very much enjoyed some quality alone time. Woo hoo ;)

Since the kids took more field trips this past week than we ever did in one school year and the aquarium being one of those places, Aimee and I spilled out our inner kids and made a trip down to the NC Aquarium in Fort Fisher, NC. It was in such a beautiful location and the weather brought out the best in everything. With the beach in the background, shiny green trees passing you by and little yellow butterflies filling the air. It felt like a scene from a movie as you drove down this path that led to the aquarium. We knew we were in the right place for the start of a beautiful day. Can you pick out all the beautiful yellow butterflies?

Out of all the interesting things we saw, Aimee loved the Guitar Fish and Tree Frogs and my favorite was the alligators. I have seen many before but I think this was the first time I was able to be this close to them in their habitat. All the other aquariums or zoos would have them pretty far off. I enjoyed taking these photos as I am sure they didn't enjoy me taking these photos and they probably wanted to eat me and my camera.

They had an albino alligator too. This was really interesting to see.

Here is Aimee's favorite of the adorably, cute, colorful, (HIGHLY DEADLY POISONOUS) and sweet tree frogs.

This part of the day was SOOO cool! Aimee and I were in one of the rooms at the aquarium and this pleasant lady spoke to me and said, "This is one of our most beautiful attractions. Your gonna love living here" or something very very similar to that. All I knew is that when I said thank you and walked away, I thought to myself...How does she know that I live here? I headed over to tell Aimee and we immediately thought about Kayleigh's blog. We both went over together to say hello and clarify how this person knew we lived here and sure enough, Emily is one of Kayleigh's prayer warriors. Thank you so very much Emily for making our day extra special. If we happen to cross paths with any of you out there, please let us know because we love to meet those who prayed so hard for our sweet little Kayleigh.

Later that evening, we headed out to grab some dinner at this restaurant called the Oceanic. It is a beautiful restaurant that was built on a pier by the ocean. Aimee and I decided to sit outdoors on the pier and listen to the waves crash while we ate. It was a romantic setting as the sun was setting through our dinner experience. Although being on the east coast, we don't see the sun set over the water, but the moon was nearly full and it lit up the night. After we ate, we walked along the pier that was close to our home which was the perfect cap to a beautiful date. Ughhheeem, I mean pre-cap to an amazing evening :)

Here is a photo of the Oceanic:

In the morning or should I say early morning, we got up around 6:00Am and prepared ourselves for some fishing. We took to the pier, rented some rods, bought some shrimp and found a nice cozy place at the end of the pier with some die hards and showed'em how it's done. We caught an astonishing 3 fish in a total of 4 hours. I guess it could have been worse. Actually, it was a lot of fun and besides one of those three fish being a 1.5 foot dogfish shark, we were able to encounter about 20 dolphins who swam nearly 40 yards from the pier. It was truly an incredible site and next time I promise to have my camera. Yes, I know...when does that camera ever leave my side??? Well, today unfortunately. I am sure there will be more opportunities in the future to prove my fish stories :)

Here is what the pier near our house, called the Johnny Mercer Pier, looks like:

It was a wonderful and well needed weekend with my beautiful wife. I pray that you all have a blessed week and know that we are thinking and thanking all of you for the love and support you all continue to share with our family.

God Bless,
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