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1 day. 1 day. 1 day. I almost believe it...

Posted Apr 23 2009 5:26pm
Every time I look at the baby widget to the right I get nervous flutters in my stomach. 1 day to go. I'm starting to freak out a little (this is HUGE!). It's tomorrow - after all that we've been through, we are almost there. And I *almost* believe it. I know it should have sunk in by now, but I'm not sure it's going to feel real until we're holding our little girl.

I feel totally unprepared for what labour is really going to be like, despite having watched a bunch of videos and asking WAY too many questions of pretty much everyone I know. I think it's because the videos last like 10 minutes, whereas labour is closer to 10 hours generally. I hope it's shorter in our case, because I don't know if I can handle watching Jenna in pain for that long. That's going to be the hardest part for me tomorrow. I'm going to need to RELAX into it all and go with the flow. I'm such a planner that I wish I could know how it's all going to work in advance - never been good with surprises.

Now it isn't all nerves of course - mixed in with the anxiety is some serious excitement. It just depends on the moment for which emotion wins out! I've been told this is all totally normal, and I like hearing that I'm "normal." Adam is somewhat calmer than me (he always is), but he too is starting to feel the excitement and the nerves. I'm just focusing on everything going smoothly, and everyone doing great.

We're meeting Jenna and D'arcy at the hospital at 7am, which means a 4:45am wakeup call for us (we have to drop Quincy off at his best friends' Chopper and Gabby's house). I highly doubt either of us will be sleeping very well tonight. Depending on how busy things are, we'll either get started right away or we'll get bumped. Either way, everything will start tomorrow at some point but we can't predict exactly when. Hopefully sooner versus later!

As for our last weekend child-free, well, it wasn't exactly a weekend to remember but it was just fine. It was a pretty regular couple of days, with some errands and other such things mixed in. We had company Friday night (Adam's cousin), and then friends of ours were in town on Saturday night, and Adam had some work to do with Joon for the clinic, and I had more laundry to do...somehow the time just disappeared. We did have a nice dinner last night at the little pasta restaurant near our house - but we spent the whole dinner talking about BGB.
So it already begins : )

I wrote a post with BGB's name and my friend Krista is going to post it after the birth so you won't have to wait days to learn her name. I figured it was the least I could do after all the support you've all given us here. I promise to keep this blog going, for as long as it feels right, and as long as anyone is interested in reading. I sense this is going to be an amazing outlet for me in the future...

So this is my last post pre-baby. Adam and I will be parents within the next 48 hours, and we can't wait. And it's extra special that Adam will be a daddy for Father's day - what a wonderful gift for his first Father's day. Please send good vibes for an easy delivery for Jenna (as easy as possible) and for everyone to be healthy and happy when we get to the other end of this. I will be back on as soon as I can - hopefully by Thursday or Friday.

Thanks everyone for all the well wishes and positive thoughts.
Now let's go get our baby!

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