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How many of us find ourselves slouching at our desks, when we're walking, when we're sitting at lunch? Let's roll those shoulders back and align those hips! The goal here is to feel better, look better, and build better lifetime habits Team Members: 10 Team Goals: Take stress breaks
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Some ideas on how to improve posture

Posted by Heather F.

There are any number of things one can do to improve posture. The problem is remembering to do them! For some general tips, the following website had some good information:

In addition, I've set up a little calendar reminder that pops up once an hour to remind me to be aware of my body and sit up straight.

What do you do to keep upright?

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I'm a bit on the short side, 5'4", so whenever I'm in company with other people, taller or smaller, I become aware of my own stature and stand as upright as I can! I think about my shoulders and my stance, and poof! better posture becomes a conscientious (yet automatic) result. This is my habit, now, but it really started from that basic desire to look as good as possible!
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