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Portland, Oregon
I'm a more or less new convert to commuting by bicycle - I've been doing it for about a year or so now, and it's become a part of my life that I really enjoy. It's for this reason more than any other that I wanted to start this blog, but also because I think there are a lot of benefits for a... Full Bio
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Review of MonkeyLectric’s M204 light

NOTE: I was given this light at no charge to review and keep. There’s no restrictions on what I can say, only a request that I post it by...

I’m Shopping for a Go-Pro and I Shouldn’t Have To

Yesterday was just another school day. Get up before the kids and start getting myself ready. I even had a little time to myself while I ate...

My Bike is My Minivan

Yesterday I read this so now I’ve written this. ***** I didn’t want kids, didn’t think I’d ever get married, but love and hormones...

How the Orange Line Will Help Me Ride to Brooklyn and Beyond

I went to The Warehouse Cafe  the other day (a great way to shop local and buy in bulk for cheaper than Costco) and took a look at the...

Back in the Saddle

(I forgot to publish this on  July 12th. Oops. If you were under the impression I was a polished professional… well, at least you’re no...
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