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Las Vegas, Nevada
My name is Poppy, and I'm on a journey towards a healthy weight, and a healthy life.
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Hello all! Just a quick note to update you… I’m in the process of moving my life to Spain, and as you can tell, that’s kind of taken over my...

Forks Over Knives

Just found out that the movie Forks Over Knives  is finally showing in Las Vegas…Yeah! I’ve been hearing buzz about this film for about 4 months...

Happy Veggieversary!

Today is Friday the 13th,  and today is my Veggieversary! One year ago today, is when I decided to officially give up meat. It all started...

Kill the Scale!

Saw this on a friends Facebook…Not sure where’s it’s from, but it sums up exactly how I’m feeling today!

Don’t Hate Me Because I’m a Vegetarian!

I saw an interesting question on twitter yesterday… Here was my response… I’m a little over a month away from my one year...

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