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Caracas, Venezuela
I have been an alcoholic for over 20 years and have recently been released from rehab after choosing to go on my own because my drinking was ruining my life...I´ve been sober in the sense of not having had a drink for exactly 60 days today but cannot help feeling lonely, anxious, and isolated from my surroundings in a way I cannot pinpoint...I've been taking medications to make me less anxious and had an ANTABUSE implant to help me deal with my addiction...It feels as if I had to learn... Full Bio
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Erie, Pennsylvania
  Dream therapy is more than an interpretation. It's about tapping into the higher consciousness to quicken the mind, resolve problems, clean our spiritual house, communicate with loved ones on the other side,  face our demons and heal from the past. Dream therapy has been my modality of choice when working with my clients. I have seen and experienced transformation take place as...


River Falls, Wisconsin
I'm a 40 something struggling with weight issues. I'm a recovering alcoholic with close to 10 years sobriety and attend regular 12 step meetings. I have lost 60 pounds then regained 19 of them and now struggle to get back to the determination I had up until 4-6 weeks ago.  I would like to lose 60 more pounds.
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Dirk H.

Ely, Minnesota
Dirk Hanson is a freelance science reporter and novelist who lives in Minnesota. His most recent book is He has also worked as a business and technology reporter for the Des Moines Register and for numerous trade publications. He is currently the editor of the Addiction Inbox blog, and senior contributiing editor for addiction and recovery site The Fix.


Buena Park, California
  I wish I only had to introduce you to ME: dad, husband, songwriter, pastor. That’s the guy I see in the mirror. I love my kids, I’m good at fixing things, I love to read or chase my dogs around the house. But I lose track of myself sometimes when I’m hurting. That’s when my addict comes around, the bastard who would throw it all away for a moment alone with his...

PJ ..

Hollywood, Florida
I am a 53 year old alcoholic, , living in Oxford, Mississippi with my husband of 20 years, and my sweet, funny kitty-cat, Boots.   At the age of 50, I decided I wanted to do whatever it took to get sober and to truly enter into recovery.  In May of 2007, I went into treatment at The Hanley Center in West Palm Beach for the 28 day program, and ended up staying in some...
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