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Ships in the dark

Funny how our paths are destined to cross each other’s, like ships in the dark.  I can see you in the darkness,… but can you see me?  Or am...


The pain is almost more than I can bear.  Why is it that I find myself constantly running in circles?  The same old thing over and over again. ...


Sometimes I still find you wandering about in my heart.  I wish I could lead you where I want you to be, but you keep walking away.

Uncaring thoughts

It doesn't matter what was said. And who said what. It matters that you didn't care enough.

dear V

You saved my life once, a long time ago. You may remember.... because what you did was so heroic. Then you killed me, not so long...

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Jun 30 2009 by rosie

 i have hsakey legs and is as though i have suffered a great shock or a fright.  it must be adrenalin...but it is chronic.  I can wake up with it and it will stay with me all day.  OR it could just happen in the middle of the day for NO reason!  I have a lot of diagnosed illnesses, but this does not go with any of them  I AM NOT hypochondriac.  I thought perhaps i WAS.  but with nine diagnoised auto immune illnesses, they MUST be real... all related, i suppose.  scleroderma, diabetes, diseased thyroid , M.S.  Lichen sclerosis, had cancer twice and TB once; linear glaucoma, raynauds, sicka, psoriatic arthritis, oa, atrial fib (heart) and asthma; others that i am surely leaving out.  but the LEGS...the SHAKEY LEGS!  which doctor do I SEE THAT about?  i have too many specialists...and have not seen most of them in two months...too tired of going and now and too weak to drive myself.....need to depend on others to drive me.  also, narcolepsy has been a problem...and M.E. (myalgia encelphalomyelitis)....i think that is it.

The GOOD news?  I will live.


is it possible to have hypochondria and actually be DIAGNOSED with all these things?  i hvae been healthy all my life until 13 years ago when OVERNIGHT I became very ill and from that point, ONE after another AFTER ANOTHER illness was diagnosed!  i am tired of doctors....and am trying to get off the meds, but have actually harmed myself doing so.....i am tired of knowing all these doctors....and their administrative staff...running into them in stores, on the street, everyplace!  i can't get away frm them!  lol

the bad news?  I WILL LIVE VERY long - with all these stupid PROBLEMS 




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