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Health Maven's Answer
If you made your own almond milk otherwise look for a low sugar hi protein... more
May 24 2011 1:24pm
Best foods to eat for colon cancer are meat, particularly processed meat and dairy -... more
Mar 10 2011 12:08pm
If you look at traditional farming communities it's often the way. I once stayed... more
Mar 10 2011 11:56am
Unless you have a soya allergy I can't think of any apart from the taste - but then it... more
Feb 23 2011 10:26pm
organicproductsplus ? Where have you studied Nutrition to conclude that low fat and... more
Mar 10 2011 11:34am
Nov 18 2009 12:51pm
Get a copy of the Complete Book of Vegan Cooking by Tony and Yvonne Bishop-Weston from... more
Feb 08 2011 9:30pm
Replace the sugar with 1/ 2 maple syrup half apple puree Replace coconut fat with... more
Feb 08 2011 9:26pm
Have you had your essential fatty acid levels checked and the levels of good cholesterol? more
Feb 08 2011 9:18pm
The Plantarian Diet that Dr Esselstyne has got President Bill Clinton on to improve his... more
Feb 08 2011 9:16pm
Yes could be 4.5 lbs a week is quite a lot for your body to cope with. You are... more
Feb 08 2011 9:07pm