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Offers: Christmas deal on immune + mood supporting omega 3 EPA DHA

Omega 3 DHA EPA from Algae with plant based vitamin D3 Special offer on essential fats vegetarian vegan Omega 3 EPA (200mg) DHA...

Vegan Google Doodle Voogle to Celebrate 70 Vegan Years

Please ask the Google Doodle people for a vegan Google Doodle ( Voogle ) to celebrate 70 years of vegan and The Vegan Society's 70th Anniversary...

New Forest Asperger's Conference Hampshire

New Forest Consultants have arrange a ASD conference for all things asperger's / high functioning autism in the New Forest this November See...

Happy International Talk Like a Pirate Day

Wishing You a Swashbuckling International Talk Like A Pirate Day Post by Captain James Tea Cook - Pirate Of The Carob Bean . ...

Free From For Free - Meat & Dairy Reducers Open Invite at Vegfest UK

Last Chance - Buy One Get One Free on Tickets With all the recent publicity about the health and environmental...

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Feb 08 2011 by Plantarian

One World Day - A new world record for a healthier, more sustainable Plantarian lifestyle


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