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Achin' for some bacon?

Today's Focus is on BACON The Chinese started enjoying salted pork bellies in 1500 BC. The Romans and the Greeks also enjoyed eating...

Honey, Orange, Bourbon Chicken Skewers

The other night I was trying to figure out what we were going to have for dinner - I knew it would be chicken, but WHAT kind of...

Pucker Up!

I remember standing on a chair in Grandma's kitchen helping her make all sorts of baked goodies.  Her old black and white Sunbeam mixer with...

Vinegar. It's not just for pickles anymore!

by Leanne Ely Once upon a time, there was white distilled vinegar that our mothers and grandmothers would use to pickle vegetables and...

The cutest fruit you will ever meet!

A friend of mine is an avid gardener - not only is she really great at it, she loves to plant new and interesting fruits and veggies and is...
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Hi Pink! Just looking around the community :)

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