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Fall / Winter Fireplace maintenance

One of the most beautiful ways to keep warm this fall is to use your fireplace. There aren't many things I can think of that screams "cozy" on...

Sexual evolution: what level are we at?

by Maryanne Comaroto Question: I'm curious to know why you think that dropping drawers is the end-all be-all point of no return. The...

Weight Loss Wednesday - Nutrition 101 Part 2 - Carbs and Fiber

Happy Weight Loss Wednesday! Last week, we began a Nutrition Basics lesson. We covered the importance of Protein. This week, we'll focus on...

Dinner Diva: Sports Nutrition for Kids

If your children are back in school, they're probably back in sports, too. Sports requires a lot of our little athletes; making sure he or...

6 Keys for Respecting Your Time

Are you the type of person that always says YES to every demand on your time? Can you watch my kids? Will you drive me to soccer practice?...
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